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Author: Anthony Williams

WhamBlam! is a Finalist of License This! 2020

WhamBlam! has made the final three in the Character & Animation brand category for this year’s License This! With the live final coming Oct. 8 at Festival of Licensing. The winner of this prestigious competition will receive a free exhibition stand at BLE 2021, one year’s Licensing International membership, PR support, and invaluable advice from the panel of industry experts. Previous entrants – both winners and finalists...


My journey to comic book artist is a well trodden path. I started reading comic books in the mid 1970s, reading anything and everything that I could get my hands on. My gateway drug was the british humour comics. In need of a stronger fix, I moved onto british action adventure weeklies, which led to mainlining Marvel UK reprints and the inevitable spiral into the Marvel and DC monthlies imported from the US....